Major Tie-ins Project, HDS / GIS 

HDS survey services. Oil&Gas, Iraq

Our most recent project in the Middle East (Sept-Nov, 2017) involved the comprehensive laser scanning of an aging degassing station in preparation for a shutdown and the integration of upgraded plant. 

For this project we were required to ensure sufficient coverage to model every pipe, cable tray, flange and valve of this dense and difficult facility. In order to ensure we stayed on budget and time we worked closely with the facility management, local authorities, security teams and even improved our Arabic. 

Volumetric Assessments, UAS / GIS 

Using our in-house UAS capabilities The Scan Station was tasked to perform repeat UAS volumetric surveys of this complex building development. This particular development is dealing with large contaminated stockpile movements that have the ability to compromise the projects financial viability if not correctly managed. The use of UAS systems allowed quick, accurate and comprehensive stockpile monitoring and supports the management team in making critical decisions. 

Refinery Mapping. UAS / GIS / Software Dev

Between our various team members we have in excess of 75 years experience in the Oil and Gas sector. Our proven expertise and broard understanding of our clients requirements made the integration of UAS systems a real no brainer. During this project we mapped out over 100km of pipeline within a busy oil refinery without any disruption to service. Our deliverables have been used to identify redundant lines, highlight safety issues and assist with critical infrastructure upgrades. 

Flare Stack Inspection, Iraq. UAV

With shutdown costs approaching 7 million dollars per day our clients need to keep running. For this project we were required to identify the cause of a flare stack fault on one of the worlds largest flare stacks. After mobilising our team and specially modified UAS equipment to Iraq we were able to provide detailed reports, high resolution imagery, 3D modelling and all without interruption to the oilfield operations.